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LOVE: This is my niece Eowyn (yes, like from Lord of the Rings).  She was born in January 2010 and I had to wait 4 long weeks to go see her because of work.  I flew from Boston to Lake Placid, NY in a tiny little 8 seater plane (had there been beverage service I would have had to tap the pilot to get my soda it was so small).  I’m not much of a baby person being the baby in my family but I quickly learned how amazing it is to have an infant sleep on your chest and also how boring babies are……they’re just a blob.  Eowyn and I get on much better now that she can run and play and talk and say my name (it was a long time coming).  I don’t get to see her often for many reasons but every once in awhile I run into her at my parents’ house and we FaceTime regularly - she’s even figured out how to call on her own.  My favorite time of day is when I see I have a missed call from my brother because I know that 9 out of 10 times she’s left me a voicemail.  Can’t wait until March when I get back on that little puddle jumper and fly back to Lake Placid - this time she can actually play…..we’ll be finger painting so I can bring some artwork home.   

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